Dental Website Template

Dental Website Template

Dental and medical website templates are pre-designed layouts. Website designs that are custom built from the ground up are excluded from this definition. The main advantage of using a dental website template is that you can change the design of your website with a click of the mouse.

Furthermore, website templates are simple and the best ones are very user friendly. Unfortunately, these perceived advantages are actually huge disadvantages when it comes to building an effective website for your dental or medical practice. In terms of design, dental website template are very limited. A medical or dental website template is extremely limited in terms of design customization. The width of a page, the the header position, windows, and links are fall fixed; i.e., they can not be changed.

Second, dental and medical website template do not allow the customer to use his/her own logos. Furthermore, customers are not permitted to use their own picture selection within the main Flash effects and headers. Because of these limitations, the customer will end up with a dental/medical website that will look very similar to that of his/her competitors.

Another disadvantage of a template dental/medical website is its limited performance in the online marketplace. The purpose of a website is to show up on as many web searches as possible. But with a template site, this isn’t always possible because template providers use exactly the same metadata coding for all of their designs. This will cause search engines such as Google to overlook a template site because search engines look for unique characters within the metadata code when searches are run.

Another disadvantage of template websites is that many of them are incompatible with the onslaught of new technology such as iPads. However, with a custom designed site, it is easy to upgrade the site so that it is compatible with advances in technology.

Finally, dental website template services leave the customer with no ownership of their content, yet require the customer to do all of the work. When a website is created from a template service, that template is only usable on the service’s computer server. Therefore, if a dentist or physician wishes to move his/her site to another website service, he/she will not be able to do so. And this is all for a website that the dentist or physician has done all the work to put it online. From a time and ownership standpoint, template websites do not have much to offer.
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